Elabd Developed Chemical Industries, is Printing inks, Coatings, paints and varnishes manufacturer.

Located in Borg Elarab Industrial city – Alexandria – Egypt.

Offset sheetfed inks

Oil based inks for duplex paper, glossy papers that are used generally for food packaging, industrial products packaging, pharma packaging, notebooks, catalogues, brochures, etc.

Cold & Heat set web inks

Those inks are used for paper roll printing for newspaper and magazines.

Gravure and Flexographic

Solvent and water based based inks are used for flexible packaging material (none absorbent materials) like O.P.P., P.V.C., Aluminum foil, cellophane, Polyamide, also corrugated carton boxes and cement bags paper sacks.

The printed material of Gravure and Flexographic are used for shopping bags, confectionary wrapping, snacks, chocolate bars, sweets, candies, biscuits, petrochemicals, fertilizers and other heavy duty sacks, cement bags, ice cream wrapping, consumable cups, pharma tablets, tetra packs, stand up juice pouches, detergents, pampers, soaps, rice – sugar plastic bags, tissue paper, napkin, ketchup etc..

Adhesive for lamination

Transparent adhesive liquid to laminate the different substrates together give it high barrier properties and indirect food contact.


Transparent liquids to be used for over print varnishing or to be mixed with the inks to control the color strength and the viscosity.


Additive to be sold with inks to give the inks specific proprieties like heat resistance, anti-scratching, Gloss matting, low rub, anti-skidding, etc..

Metal can coatings

Oil coatings to be used for metal cans to protect it from rusting, those are used for tinplate sheets coatings from the two sides then to be shaped into metal cans used for food packaging like tuna fish cans, beef cans, tomatoes pastes, jams, oil, juices.

Those coatings are internally contact the packed foods as it is FDA approved and gives the printed metal cans the good looking and decorating and also the retorting resistance and shelf life allowance.

Plastisol inks & Pastes

Oil based and water based for textile printing by silk screen.

Sublimation inks

Offset and silk screen for heat transferring to textile, mugs and T-shirts

UV inks & Varnishes

UV inks and varnishes to be printed by offset, screen printing, coating and the to be cured by UV

Radiation and give the printed material glass gloss or matt.


We also offer services, consultancy, advises and solution to our clients which enable them to grow.